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SlotPages has invited all the casino and Roulette game lovers to play and enjoy some of the best ever real Roulette table games for fun in demo mode without deposit needed. This is certainly one of the best ways for players to take their time learning the top Roulette table rules as they don’t have to worry risking their own money.

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En Prison Rule: This Roulette rule is applicable only for money bets which are even. When a player reaches zero, he has two options: 1) Claim half bet and give up 2) Leave the bet

La Partage Rule: This rule is very similar to previous En Prison Rule but In this case, the player has no option. He needs to lose his half bet

North American Roulette Rules: In North America and other similar countries, the double zero wheels are used for Roulette. But when the player reaches to zero, there are no options for that player without losing his game. He needs to give up right now.

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Roulette Table Games

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Martingale: The best Roulette wheel strategy to win the game easily where the player needs to focus on the spins and try to find out the lucky number which is not so hard. It is all about guessing. The more you guess, your chances will increase.

The Labouché Bet: This strategy has two different parts: The first part is known as bet selection and second is spinning strategy. If the player focuses on these two things then no one will stop him from winning. The selection of bet is very important and play a very effective role at the time of spinning.

Turning The Bet: In this type of strategy, the player needs to select the right choice for his bet. Then turning off the bet is very important in this turning strategy. Only good experience player can use this strategy without making any mistake.

These are some good strategies which should be used for an instant win. Join Slot Pages today and try these different rules and betting strategies on their Roulette table and see which one works best for you.

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